New Dimensions in Photo Processes:
A Step-by-Step Manual for Alternative Techniques

Fifth Edition (2018)

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New Dimensions in Photo Processes 5th Edition Cover

Reviews & Accolades

Topics & Chapters

  • transfers and lifts and DIY printmaking
  • hand-coloring b&w photos and digital prints
  • toning b&w photos
  • creating the photo-printmaking studio
  • generating imagery: analogue method
  • making negatives: digital method
  • cyanotypes on paper and fabric
  • van dyke brown prints
  • salted paper prints
  • gum bichromate prints
  • casein pigment prints
  • platinum and palladium prints
  • enlargement emulsions and tintypes
  • bromoil prints
  • contemporary Daguerreotypes (Becquerel process)
  • visual hybrids
  • annotated bibliography
  • supply sources

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