My inkjet and pastel pop-up book, Uncovering Eden, will be included in Bookworks, an exhibition at the Aidekman Art Gallery, Tufts University, Medford, MA, opening Thursday September 5 and on view until December 15, 2019.

(photo by Lauren Shaw)
Words: In every Eden/there lurks/a serpent.

Words: In every Eden/there lurks/a serpent.

























I have finished working on the 5th edition of New Dimensions in Photo Processes: A Step-by-Step Manual for Alternative Techniques, which has been part of the Focal Press alternative photography series for thirty years.  You can order this new edition on Amazon, through the publisher (Routledge: Taylor & Francis group) and bookstores now. Also look for it as an E-Book through Taylor & Francis.

     cover, 5th ed copy