Vanishing Flora cover
A cyanotype print featuring Birds of Paradise flowers
A vandyke print of obel tree leaves
A vandyke print of a hanging helicona leaf
A vandyke print of trumpet vine leaves
A cyanotype print of kibixak vine leaves
A legend of standard photos and descriptions of plantlife found in this book

Cyanotype and Van Dyke brown printing.
22 1/2 x 15 inches

A major part of the Petén rain forest, or “Maya Biosphere Reserve”, barely manages to survive in beautiful, but governmentally unreliable, Guatemala. The traditional Mayan medicinal plants represented in my book grow in the Reserve, but a number of factors threaten their continued existence, which also affects the continuation of historical indigenous culture. With the help of a Mayan naturalist, I was able to name plants and describe their uses. I also recorded the almost deafening cacophony of animal calls at sunset, and I have bound a sound chip into the cover, which is made from locally hand-woven fabric. In Spanish & English.